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Using this app you could chat to people all over the world.It supports video, audio, text as well as drawing application.However, there is a problem here and that is you have to meet certain requirements like the karma, token etc.These are things which you could obtain by talking to the users in the left panel. Once you have a threshold equal to that, you could easily talk to them.You could talk to them about your views on any topic going by.Again, in the right panel, you could see a personal window where you could select any person there and start talking to him or her.There is one most exciting feature about all these websites and that is your identity would not be revealed and that’s a good thing when you are talking to a completely stranger.It also allows you to use your fb account to search for the persons whom you are looking for.

The left one is the panel where you could talk to anyone present there in general.

However, using premium level would cost you some money. Chat is also a nice application allowing to talk with friends, family members as well as completely strangers. There are certain other things too which are allowed here on this website like comedy, entertainment, gaming, hanging out, late night etc.

If you don’t have the webcam you could also use this website to text chat or talk.

You could write it here about your passion, likes, dislikes on the basis of which the stranger in front of you could know the little things about you.

You could totally fake it too as they would not be getting the actual results ever.

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To know more about this app visit its official website and have fun there. is a free chat website which guarantees 100% anonymity.

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