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The actor, who plays Robbie in the TV special tonight, opened up about taking on a remake of a classic movie like this. Everyone understands that the comparisons are going to come. It’s a reimagined universe that this Dirty Dancing story is happening in,” he shared.But, he still knows that everyone watching will actually enjoy it. It’s Lionsgate and our producer and director and musical composer, they’re all so good,” Shane adds.You can't get over all the memories of being together in that space and the sadness that comes along with it.It's a little bit of a sad video, but it's still entertaining.

What was it like filming those intimate scenes with Sarah? We just made jokes about it and talked about it a little bit before. When you have to be physical with someone who's a friend, if you don't talk about it, it becomes a thing. Other songs are about finding something new and finding something exciting.“That would be the worst kind of attention [to date someone just because they're famous].I think that’s why for me, maybe it’s just not appealing to date right now.But the second thing you did was wonder if the track — an emotional ballad about the heartbreak that comes with knowing the person you loved is moving on — is about his ex-girlfriend and So, Shane — is the song about Bridgit?"Yeah, I mean I don't want to get too much into the details of it, but the song for me definitely has that connection to my life personally," Shane told in a phone interview.

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  2. Through BCB, she and Durst invested money from his trust fund in buildings in Williamsburg and Carroll Gardens, and flipped them for a million profit last summer.