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The Spanish startup Thermohuman was awarded as winner of the WFStart Cup Challenge by GSIC, held during the World Football Summit, where other six companies coming from Germany, Finland Malta, Sweden and UK also took part in the finals.

Thermohuman has developed an infrared thermography system aimed to injury prevention.

Since its birth in 2015, GSIC, located in the center of Madrid, has become a world reference to the sports industry for big corporations, as well as startups, and companies focused on the sports innovation sector.

GSIC facilitates synergies and provides to its partners, services of added value that allows the sports companies to grow and develop in different areas such as finance, innovation, and the development of products.

IDC Research España, starts the new season with an innovative portfolio of services based on consultancy and strategic advising aimed to technological executives working for companies from all sectors.

Likewise, since October 1st IDC Research España became one of the strategic partners of Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC), an innovation center that has created a powerful ecosystem of companies and sports organizations whose members explore opportunities based on technological collaboration and business, aiming to improve their activities, increasing the competitiveness and strengthening the sports industry.

Inovace offers to the brands unique experiences with their consumers, generating through interaction, an emotional and positive link between them.

Therefore, In Play´s Al platform analyzes the data from the performance of the athletes, such as the GPS, HR and other biometric information, comparing this data with thousands of injuries previously analyzed for them to be able to provide useful recommendations to athletes and trainers to prevent future injuries.

We are extremely pleased about this partnership, as it is a very strong recognition of our efforts in this area”.

( Bexfy is a consulting firm as well as Raa S (Retail as a Service) services, specialized in Digital Communication for the Retail point of sale.

This agreement will provide GSIC partners a new step towards improving business productivity, generating new opportunities and improving their competitiveness.

Wildmoka, the leading Digital Content Creation Platform provider, has been selected by be IN SPORTS FRANCE to power their new “be IN Ligue 1” in-game mobile service, allowing subscribers near live access to the best in-game highlights.

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More than 150 companies and sports organizations from 20 countries form a part of the ecosystem of the GSIC, to which as of today, IDC Research España is a part of.

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