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Is there a book or article(s) that you could recommend that would give me insight into the issues or influences that an Iranian woman in the US may be feeling or dealing with, or simply a text that would educate me about a young woman's past in Iran so I can better appreciate what she may be feeling and going through.Thank you very much, Curry Hello Curry, Unfortunately I do not know of any such book although I could have used one myself at times.

It is very important for them to be fully accepted by their family.Maybe, we can learn from each others victories and defeats.Write us at [email protected] sirs, I have been in love with an iranian woman now for two years but I still can't seem to understand her. I would like to learn more about her culture but I can't find any relevant sites. Yours sincerely, Gary Name = Brandon Email = [email protected] & City = United States, San Diego Category of Submission = Issues HI.I am lost and trying to understand where my husband's beliefs are coming from. I could not understand why he would not tell them about me, and felt quite hurt.I would not have gotten married to him, had I know these deep rooted connections and dedications to immediate family's own wife. Please can you help i have an Iranian girlfriend, i live in the uk, we have been seeing each other for 8 months but her parents do not know, i am worried about this, she tells me she cannot tell her parents as yet, they seem to be very strict, do you have any advice as to what i can do, is this bad..? I think that it is important to understand that in some Iranian families that the idea of a boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship is quite alien to them.

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All of us MUST compromise and respect the beliefs of each other to be whole and healthy.

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