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But that doesn’t mean you have to live and date in an awkward state.It means you have to do what we all do to get beyond an old idea: Adjust your thoughts and your actions. The fact that you can pursue a successful and rewarding career gives you tremendous freedom—not just to choose and do and live the way you want, but also to date whomever you want.This doesn’t mean he has to have a bigger number on his paycheck.Caring for may have traditionally meant footing the bill, but real love and care has little to do with what you can afford.We ultimately parted ways for a range of reasons, but it wasn’t because of what he did or didn’t have at the time, but the way he saw himself in relation to the “have’s” that was the bigger problem.

You work hard as a young person to be financially stable, at least I do, and it’s important to me.”[np_storybar title=”Five things you spend on when dating” link=” The cost of dating, according to a research team at Rate, is about ,000.And to assert your independence (feminism, whatever) by insisting you must pay for yourself, or for the whole thing, just because you make more, is straight-up insulting. He doesn’t have to be a CEO to take you out for sushi. But don’t push back just because you feel your paycheck warrants it. Bart’s to show his affection, you should know if this guy wants to really go places with you, literally and figuratively.(More on how feminism f’d up my dating life.) “But I want to it be fair,” is the cry of women who feel “bad” about earning more. (Unless you’re willing to spring for first-class tickets and he’s on a coach budget.) It’s a given that no one wants to date a deadbeat, a mooch, an unambitious slug (and yet, people do! And that he won’t hold your success and earnings against you. His thoughts about money, not what he makes, is a better litmus test: In my late 20s, I dated Jeff, a boy of modest means who seethed with jealousy and resentment at anyone who had money—including his friend Arnie, who happened to be independently wealthy. I said, “Jeff, you seem to be angry at people who have money, and it bothers me.And he’s not the least bit resentful or intimidated by what I earn (though he shakes his head at some of the ways I spend it). So when we realized that I paid more in taxes last year than he earned, we had a good laugh about it.

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