Dating pisces women

So don’t be disconcerted if your Pisces partner appears rather cautious and reserved on the first date.These fish, as indicated by the symbol of the Pair of Fishes, swim in deep waters and are concerned with the inner processes of the self.

Very often their compassionate natures are taken advantage of by unscrupulous characters.

Pisces women don’t mind a conventional approach to start, so dinner and a movie is fine with her.

And as you get to know her you’ll learn she has a dreamy quality to her, an imagination that loves fantasy and magical places.

This quality makes for an extremely agreeable companion and you are likely to find your Pisces girlfriend equally so.

For a guy who has got the worst of the unrelenting nature of a Scorpio or a Taurus woman, the cool adaptability of a Piscean can make a most refreshing change.

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