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Mary is a 72 year old woman who has been a compulsive hoarder for the last 10 years.She can only move from room to room through pathways.What are the ethical concerns about follow-up care in this case? ‘4.5 Ethical and legal considerations when helping a client with severe hoarding’.What options do you have to address the ethical concerns about follow-up care? National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE). In, Angela Flores is a six year old with some minor developmental delays caused by traumatic birth.Tina is in regular contact with the health care team by phone.

Jean and Rod are also very unwilling to involve Angela in any discussions about her diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, saying that “there’s no way she can understand and it will just upset her.” The health care team is also divided regarding what they believe are appropriate goals of care for Angela and some members who have worked with Angela for a long time are experiencing significant moral distress at the prospect of moving to palliative care.DATAfrom the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study were used to address how specific relationship dynamics, perceived alternatives, social support, and intimate partner violence (IPV) itself influenced breakups among respondents in nonviolent and violent dating relationships (n = 700).Both positive and negative relationship dynamics, perceived alternatives, and messages from significant others predicted whether individuals ended their relationships.Mary has outpatient orthopedic surgery scheduled, and follow-up care will be provided in her home.This is causing Mary anxiety and she is considering cancelling the surgery due to the shame she feels about the state of her home.* *(Case adapted from Cermele, JA et al. “Intervention in Compulsive Hoarding: A Case Study”.

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Angela lives with and is cared for by her paternal grandparents, Jean and Rod, but there is no formal custody arrangement in place.

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