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The other thing I didn't want, is my children to meet a string of men and as adults piece it together, oh mum must've slept with those men, how gross.

Now these are my thoughts and may not be helpful, as I have raised my children alone, rather than risk introducing someone.

If your new partner has kids they will also appreciate a slow transition towards togetherness.

Resist plunging into a busy instant family mode where everyone is always together and the kids are forced to spend time with each other. Be sure to spend regular “alone” time with your kids, without your new partner, to affirm to the kids that they are still very important to you.

Although I could see my children had the need for a father figure, I was not keen to introduce them to anyone unless I was as certain as could be that they would be a permanent fixture.

I had observed many single mothers (and single father's, but as I am a woman, I focused on my peers), having de facto relationships, that would fail, and then often repeating the same process with another person.

It's a process we go through to get to know a new partner in the hopes that over time, a long term, sustainable relationship will develop that rounds us out as a person and enhances our family life.

For single parents raising kids, it's all that plus integrating and balancing the responsibilities of parenthood and taking into consideration the attitudes and perceptions of the kids themselves.

I didn't want them to go through any more unnecessary loss due to my poor judgement (in this case, possible poor partner choice).Kids don't understand the nuances of dating so be mindful of involving them in adult relationships that they have little emotional maturity to process.Not every relationship will end up as long term or serious, so spare kids unnecessary exposure to multiple dates who may be in your life temporarily.* Is living in a Blended Family or a Stepfamily “more than you bargained for?” * Does step parenting feel like the most challenging and thankless job of all?

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There was also a lot of events where a (whether by marriage or de facto) parent would harm (even murder) their step child.

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