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The strands may be all of one color, alternate within the set, or be in sets of alternating colors.The most common colors on the outer design are white and yellow, followed by green, blue, pink, orange, red, and purple, and may be either transparent or opaque.(Below you will find marble information that was stored on Mr.Alan Basinet's Marble Website during the late 90's to the mid 2000's.These are rare because most marbles from the end of the cane were mis-shaped or just not very pleasing to the maker, and were rejected.Beginning-of-cane examples are harder to recognize but have a design that seems to come out of one end of the marble.On rare occasions there will be two colors in the core, and usually these colors alternate.The colors are typically opaque, though translucent strands do occur, especially in white examples.

When strands occur at equidistantly spaced intervals and are very close together all the way around the marble, the marble is considered "caged." "Naked" specimens lacking the outer layer are not uncommon.Like Latticinio Swirls, the base glass is almost always colorless, though on rare occasions it may be colored.The core may be cylindrical or it may have lobes, and it may either be transparent or opaque.Hand made glass marbles were invented in Lauscha, Germany, in the late 1840s.They were produced until the early part of the twentieth century, when World War I and the invention of marble producing machinery in America effectively ended the hand made marble industry.

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