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Buy whatever you like, pay the price, we'll return 20 per cent. In the course of the talk Jackson remarked that some powerful motive must have induced Mitchell to alter the opinion he held hve years ago, when he drew the color line. Sailors From Foreign Warships Landed to Protect Consulates. 23.— A dispatch from Cbefoo says that sailors from all the foreign warships have been landed to protect the consulates of the different countries they represent. The first vote re- sulted: Nelson, q8; Washburn, 35; Com- stock, 12; Mc Cleary, 3; Donnelly, 13; lohn Lmd, i; Mitchell, 4. Senator Spen- cer, who voted for Washburn yesterday, cast a vote to Nelson today. Pik- « « 7H Pick«rel 4 tt 6 Small fish 3 5 Lake Superior whitetl Bb, large 8 W Lake Hupcrlr'T wbito Qsh, cummon 6 ft IVt Lake Superior trout i %1 Oysters, extra select.. Beoeipti coutiaue light ; good damand for nn- fiozen stock. Do not deny it, for hero are tho proofs: She passed you to windward, and here are red and white hairs sticking to your overcoat. 23 —The Sporting Life publishes an interview with Peter Tack- son, in which the colored fighter says he is perfectly willing to fight Mitchell, but only at the National Sporting club, lor /"looo a side. Brewer is 87 years of age and this is his third matrimonial venture. Straw is 77, has outlived four husbands and says she will outlive this one. When the two houses had assembled and were organized, the roll was called and Governor Knute Nelson shown to have been elected. The governor was brought before the legislature and returned his thanks for the great honor conferred in a brief speech, and the joint session adjourned. Louis county kept in the Nelson column today, as they had from the start, and were among the victors. Your over- coat was in pawn all st^nmer." "Great heavens! In coming from Podunk you passed a redheaded girl riding a white horse. NEW BILLS \*t THE HO ip A Batch of Measures introduced by the Mem- bers Today. 23.— Among the bills introduced in the house this morning were the following: Mr. Henry Ahns, Who Was Shot for Disregard- ing a Command to Halt, Died This Morning. Crossett, ex-countv treasurer, will assume charge of the United States Express company's office in this city after Feb. It now transpires that he also beat bis aged mother, blacked and bruised her body, knocked her over a stove and so aggravated nn old rupture, that the wo- man is in a most precarious condition. Aunt Mollie is one of nature's noblemen, and her gentle kindness has done much to brighten our dusty path as we journey down the river of life. Henry Ahns, who for disret^ard- mg a command to halt was shot by the militia last night, being the first victim. This is the tenth day of the big strike and still the result hangs in the balance. Hopkins, repealing part of the law relating to civil action. Gibbs, amending general laws of 1891, establisbing the Itasca state park. Feig (by rt{S of the steamtr Chicora have been received up to 10 o'clock today. Red P*'pper Us^dby Rioters and Many Police and Soldiers Suffr-ring From Sore Eyes. The railroad companies can operate their lines io far as the mechanical ar- rangements go, but up to the present time they have secured only abuut 400 new men to take the piaces of the strikers. 52.: IS talked of as the probable price for May wheat in Ch'next we-k. About a mile below the depot on Third avenue a large trunk of a tree was taken off the track. At Fifty-first street and Third avenue, the strikers headquarters, a lot of stones were thrown at the troopers and the wagon. The troopers charged into the mob and drove them back into their headquarters and down the side streets.

They are fed and filled with whisky, and when they are full join the ranks of the mobs and are really the most boisterous of the disturbers.

Continuing, the Pall Mall Gazette's correspondent says: "All the male for- eigners numbering about thirty, arc armed and they are able to hold the Chinese in check until help arrives. The names of the kil ed are Albert Hall, James Walthens, John Coffee, Robert Hall and Mino Filzsimmons. As soon as this became known the price on the exchange went up to 99 I 8. His resignation, it is undei" stood, will be made to Lieutenant Gov- ernor Clough. Stevens this morning introduced in the senate a bill providing for the settle- ment of differences between employers and employes. 2 74*' S ■COS, Receipts not eo hoary ; market firmer. The s'ock held as security by the latter parties for loans made to Ritchie, con- sisting of Canada copper and Central Ontario railroad shares, are all ordered so'd to satisfy tbe claims against Ritch- ie.

But, he adds, 'God help the outlying Amencan missions.' " A STANDARD OIL MOVE. The action of the Standard caused considerable excitement in this city and there were many opinions expressed as to the effect it would have on the mar- ket. "I have not yet reached that point," said the senator-elect, when asked when he would resign, "I am satisfied and pleased with the result. I am thankful to my friends and entertain a Christian spirit towards all that opposed me." months or until sixty days after either pany has given the other notice of his intention nut to be bound by the same. The bill provides for the appointment by the governor of a state board of three, one an employer, one a member of a labor union and the third an impartial man, agreed upon by the first two. "The bill provides for voluntary arbitra- tion, as the labor unions are decideilly opposed to anything of a compulsory character. Candled stock, strictly fresh 18 «i 19 Storagi" goods... Fancy white clover Vt ©IB Dark honey IS 614 UEANS MUn PCVS.

Every part of the city where the trolley cars run is patrolled by the militia.

They are every- where massed in large numbers in five minutes' notice of an outbreak The po- lice are thus enabled to attend to their proper duties In every (|uarter of the city wires were cut during tne night; and the stables and power houses of the companies were subjected to a desultory bombardment of stones. On many of the lines the linemen have stopped work,but so far as can be learned they nave not been called out as an organization.

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Cole, re^rarding the equitable dis- tribution of gross earnings of railway companies. Spencer, to amend chapter 48, sk Ciion 2, of the general laws of 1887. Spencer, relating to compensation to judges of the district courts. There will be the regular course of business for transac- tion but the principal item will be the reception and opening of bids for the first issue of the water-works purchase bonds. The width is fcrty seven feet over all In the center is the single steam railway track. On each side of this is a sidewalk four feet in width and on the outside of these —one on each side of the bridge— is the street railway and wagon space, each nine feet in width.

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