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If a poor kid gets booted from Yale, it's a life-altering disaster.Rich kids are assured of well-paid jobs and high-falutin' careers.Psychotherapy is a favorite past-time of the upper class.Most of them have been in therapy since, like, the age of 5, and by 20, they are walking proof that an eminent psychologist can f- you up better than any sadist or child molester could ever dream of doing.If you date a person who's a lot wealthier than you, I found that you just can't overcome their suspicion -- nay, conviction -- that you are just after their money.Because of this, they tend to treat you as a trophy -- someone they bought.

You remember your first kiss with this handsome hunk the whole ride home. Read these signs to determine if it was love at first sight or if your upcoming date is just him adding you to his harem.1. It's pointless trying to explain to them that this isn't so.This belief isn't even a sign of maliciousness; it's just an extreme form of naivete.-- you, the poor person, will end up paying for them.And even if those dollars add up, it would never occur to a rich person to reimburse you, because to him or her, is pocket change anyway, and they can't imagine that someone can live for a week on that money.

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I say poor not because we are but my history compared with hers might as well indicate I am poor compared to her. All seems well but that may just be the initial infatuation. I don;t know what to think really otehr than to take it day by day. What are your experiences personal or knwoing someone in my situation. With us men, even though we have to have money, at least if you are not as attractive or a little overweight, having money can often offset this, but for women, if she is ugly, she is pretty much a write off for the most part.

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