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” — arrived at the live portion of the competition without having performed a single note for the voting public. When it comes to the 19 singers who survived the “Green Mile” in Thursday’s telecast (joining Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart, Paul Mc Donald, Ashton Jones, and Clint Jun Gamboa from Wednesday’s show — read my take on their chances here) we’re not limited to ruminating on the “pop-starriness” of their names or the luxuriousness of their hair.

And while the New Idol Order doesn’t mean each and every one of the Season 10 semifinalists is operating on a level playing field, it’s better than seeing a handful of contestants selected at random to get buried alive underneath the grass. Instead, let’s break ’em down into six distinct categories, shall we?

* Kendra “Not Chanterelle” Chantelle: Somewhat to my surprise, I cheered more enthusiastically for Kendra to crack the top 24 than any other contestant tonight.

Maybe it’s because I’m still reeling from her haunting, lovely version of “Blackbird” (with Paul Mc Donald) from Vegas night, or that snippet of “Georgia on My Mind” from Hollywood Week.

“I’m here to win a competition on talent.” Um, unless that talent is strippin’ down to his skivvies and shakin’ what his mama gave him, I don’t really see that happening, especially since his main priorities between Hollywood Week and the Green Mile were centered mainly on the erstwhile shipbuilder “working out and, letting my hair grow out a little.” As Ryan explained, “Now Jovany is in your hands, America. I like to get things done in perfection, and I’m trying to win this thing.” * James “Scarf-Tail” Durbin (pictured, upper left): Yeah, reminded us tonight that James is coping with Tourette’s and Asperger’s Syndromes, but those details are starting to look like red herrings to distract us from the fact that the show’s editors are systematically turning the headband-wearing foolio into the season’s least likable contestant.

Do with him what you will.” Ew, did you mean for that to sound so dirty, Seacrest? (Or maybe this is all just a long-con bit of reverse-psychology to make us all feel really bad for the dude.) “I started my journey throwin’ my screams in, just like Adam Lambert, and it’s like, what else can I do?

Rachel Zevita opened up a commanding lead in the Season 10 Millinery Race.

Yet while Brett has been a consistent presence on the show all season, his original track “Bulletproof Vest” featured the kind of lyrical hokum you’d find at a bad high-school poetry jam.Perhaps most importantly, though, by the time the judges finished introducing us to this year’s 24 semifinalists, we’d had a chance to hear each and every last one of them singing.!” when contestants like Michelle Delamor or Jeanine Vailes — I’ll pause here so you can go ahead and ask “Who?!(Bonus points for the way Rachel’s grandmother macked on Seacrest. ) 100% PURE CANNON FODDER (AKA “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL TONIGHT”)* My Space Contestant Karen Rodriguez: She might’ve won over Jennifer at the moment she turned “If You Had My Love” into a tender ballad, but I’m still convinced that the judges put her through to the top 24 under some bizarre, secret deal guaranteeing at least one My Space discovery in the voting rounds.* Tatynisa “Hair, 10; Voice, 3” Wilson: “It’s about not having a bad day,” explained J.

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