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The red carpet Monday night for "How Do You Know" drew the comedy's stars and other cast members, including Teyonah Parris and Kathryn Hahn, plus writer-producer-director James L. Also spotted: Seth Rogen, Jane Fonda, musician Cisco Adler, Tony Danza and Marilu Henner — the last two alumni of Brooks' sitcom "Taxi." Click the pic of Nicholson, right, to see more pictures from the red carpet.Across from the theater, a pop-up tent hosted Witherspoon, Wilson, Rudd and others for the after-party.He creates characters you feel like you know, then puts them in situations where they can bounce off each other like balls in a pinball machine.Here, those characters are Lisa (Reese Witherspoon), a world-class softball player who's just been cut from the Olympic team, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Matty (Owen Wilson), a none-too-bright but goodhearted major-league pitcher.(Columbia Pictures) is at least as interesting as the movie itself.

Owen shared a unique tale about firing a machine gun with friends beneath an embassy's tennis court, while Paul and Jack likewise weighed in with funny anecdotes — read selected excerpts below, and stay tuned for more quotes!I would've loved a few more details about the behind-the-scenes world of a pro pitcher—and at least a glimpse of one of Matty's actual games in progress—but during a moment when Lisa watches a tape of him pitching and murmurs, "Good mechanics," I believe they're two jocks talking shop.Witherspoon and Wilson are at the top of their comic form.Do you like your love stories compact, dense, and tidily scripted, or do you prefer them shaggy, meandering, and careening? But all of them have shared a certain generosity of spirit, featuring neurotic, long-winded characters who are allowed to speak their piece even if it slows down the plot. Brooks movie, what comes to mind are the speeches: Albert Brooks in patiently and compassionately explaining to Jack Nicholson why he's way too crazy to get involved with.The fact that her character ends up with him anyway is one of that odd movie's many weaknesses.

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That romantic ending in the bakery still makes me mad.

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