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I have had a number of opportunities to move to large markets, but they all came at times when it would not have been best for my family. God had my life already planned out before I was born and I am just excited that He chose me to live it. When I do focus and share what I am told, it's amazing and brings a lot of peace to the loved ones of those who have passed over.

I was raised as an Army Brat and was very accustomed to moving every 18 months to three years. Stop playing crap that glamorizes drugs, guns, sex and living beyond your means.

After more than a decade of obscurity, and still largely unknown in their hometown, they suddenly burst on the scene to become one of the largest underground bands of the 1990s.

For a programmer, callout research is important and in some cases, it does slow down how quickly some music is added.

They are important and either live or syndicated, if they miss the mark with the target.

it's a struggle to recycle the listener to middays and beyond; I witnessed this in a "conservative" market.

However, using your true gut feeling about music and what your listener is saying to you on the phones, in person and via social media is also a strong indicator of what they want.

I feel that I should lead the listener into a musical experience, while giving them a chance to become familiar with music and expose them but not overwhelm them.

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