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Our sources also confirm that this will be the smallest Xbox ever made.

Current plans have the smaller Xbox One scheduled for release this August. The other console, codenamed Scorpio, is unlikely to be released until late 2017, according to Polygon's sources.

Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival seeks to disseminate narratives of a filmic and graphic nature related to material and immaterial cultural heritage.

In this way, it focuses its role on a major area of ​​UNESCO, communication and information.

As scriptwriter was selected in the call of the Sundance Institute of new Spanish screenwriters.

Workshop given by SGAE / Sundance He was a finalist scriptwriter in the screenplay award Julio Alejandro Prize (SGAE) with the script THE BLACK QUEEN As a director he has worked in his films directing actors of the stature and renown of Andrea Ferreol (who worked with F.

The PS4 has remained a constant leader over the Xbox One in this respect, with games on the platform usually running at higher resolution and a higher framerate on the PS4 than their Xbox One counterparts. The Xbox One is believed to operate a peak target of 1.32 teraflops, compared to the 1.84 teraflop performance numbers attributed to the PS4.[Update: Microsoft has confirmed "Project Scorpio." The console will deliver 6 teraflops of computing capability, and true 4K resolution.Microsoft is saying it's the most powerful GPU put into a console to date, and it's coming in holiday 2017.] Microsoft has two new Xbox consoles on the horizon, according to reports on Kotaku that Polygon has corroborated with its own sources., is set to deploy on its first combat training mission.The new submarine recently completed operational testing after being accepted into service in June 2014.

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Those sources also told Polygon that one of those new consoles will be over four times more powerful than the current Xbox One and that the announcement at E3 was triggered by, among other things, a faster-than-expected timeline for Sony’s own upgraded Play Station 4.

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