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There are nearly three billion women in the world, so why are you not getting as much amazing sex are you really want?The truth is most men suck at attracting women because they don't understand how women think and feel.If you don't know what women are looking for, how can you possibly hope to give it to them?Bulletproof Seduction reveals the secrets of a master persuasion expert to show you how to be the man that women really want.I promise you this, if you read this book and apply it's principles, you will have so much more success with women.

To always make a vigorously positive first impression and be an instant and obvious leader in all situations.

What if you could turn any conversation from boring to sexual?

Unveiled at last, a simple proven playbook to go from being a frustrated single man to having the woman of your dreams.

I can't tell you how many women have vented to me their frustrations at what you are doing.

Kiss agonizing pain good-bye; say hello to a deep herculean strength and self-empowered confidence that attracts new women, and discover the real secrets to overcoming a breakup and using it as a launchpad to reinvent your life and pursue your dreams.

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