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Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. It doesn't seem to be downloading anything either, but the 'TOTAL' MB keeps on increasing. Another possibility i had in mind is that my antivirus might have blocked TOS.

if not default) e) MOVE Steamapps folder and replace the new one f) VERIFY each game in Steam prior to launching. I'm not aware of any games with saves in the Steam main folder that you delete but I suppose it's possible (most are in Documents or a hidden folder in Windows). I typed it out poorly, I actually reinstalled steam before you even made the suggestion to uninstall it in the first place. It used to happen a few times to me (my files got f*cked up a bit when I was playing with Melia) but a simple reverify seems to fix the issue. I also tried changing region to Japan, didn’t work. been reading / researching for the past hour, it seems like a steam error.From what I've gathered, it seems like this issue is either a really complicated error or just skype and chrome being douches.I chose your response for this thread as the correct answer because I don't feel like there's much more to do here.

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Download Settings: I have my games download to a separate hard drive on my computer, dedicated to storing files, and my OS and Steam Client are on an SSD. I'd start by running Memtest86 free for a full pass) If that passes, then I'd runa drive diagnostic (from manufacturer) as well as run Checkdisk overnight to fix errors (google for how). Download is still queued Download section would be useful.

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