Usain bolt dating fashion designer lubica

Miss Slovak was introduced to Bolt last year through a mutual friend, reggae singer Tami Chynn, with whom she owns an award-winning clothing line called Anuna and a Kingston boutique.

Shortly after they met, she interviewed Bolt for a feature in a Slovakian newspaper and they began dating in mid-November.

Well, on a personal note, I have dated outside my race and it wasn’t about dissing my race.

It was about a connection with someone I really cared about and shared many interests.

Consider the Olympics as the best excuse to break up with someone that you have been wanting to break up with for months. Sure, this could all be a grand ruse to buy Bolt the sentiment of his fans who apparently don't like him dating Slovak, but I am a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy.

These two are as done as Jennifer Aniston and her next future ex-boyfriend.

Miss Slovak emigrated to Canada with her father when she was 14 and studied fashion design at the Ryerson University in Toronto.

She moved to Jamaica after she ‘fell in love’ with the island during a holiday in 2000.

One reader responded: ‘They make he mingle with White girls.

The Jamaica Star is reporting that the two have called it quits.

His arm around her waist, sprinter Usain Bolt and his former girlfriend are the picture of togetherness.

She focuses on her designs, he focuses on his sport.‘There is no stress in this relationship.

Before Usain Bolt collects a bounty of gold in London, he is showing the Heisman to his wonderful girlfriend Lubica Slovak. While I am sure the impending London Games are hardly interfering with your daily lives, they have certainly been a nuisance for Bolt and his now ex-girlfriend.

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But 25-year-old Bolt has come in for criticism from fellow black Jamaicans unhappy that he has chosen a white partner. Some successful black men obviously suffer from a white woman complex. The sprinter nicknamed Lightning Bolt is known for his mid-race celebrations and post- victory bow-and-arrow pose.

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