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The above regular expression allows only numerals and or – signs.Based on your requirement you can modify this regular expression.In the below demo the regular expression looks for one or more uppercase or lowercase letters within the character class [A-Za-z], followed with an end of a line anchor $ Some undesired spaces and dashes from the user input can be removed by using the string object replace() method.The regular expression is used to find the characters and then replace them with empty spaces.This is done using a Javascript program on the client side, the Javascript program uses a regular expression pattern to test the input of each form field.Usually, in a form some fields are optional while some fields are mandatory, hence a javascript program is used to check if the input field is empty or null.The following steps will allow telephone number input validation without need for Java Script or HTML coding using only Webflow. Best part of all...will automatically show a Webflow pop-up that says "Please match the requested format." if you cause an error. It will NOT accept letters and will force the user to enter only telephone format. 1) Select and highlight the form input field for a telephone number entry 2) Click the cogwheel for special settings 3) Under "Input Settings" / "Placeholder" enter something like "Phone* 555-555-5555 to instruct the user that the entry will require standard US phone number formatting. I suggest you copy and paste to get it exactly correct. If all worked correctly the second "Custom attribute" will say pattern="^(? It will accept any and all combinations of area codes, with or without parentheses and/or with or without dashes, etc.

Now days registration forms have phone numbers as mandatory field.

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Enter the following into the Name and Value fields: Under "Name" enter "pattern" without the "". You can play around with the maxlength value, but I found 14 is the best.

The form will not submit unless the user enters a US telephone number format as specified by the pattern string you entered above.

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You can have a valid number which is not a real number.

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